TU Dresden Mentoring Program for Pupils

With our pupil mentoring program in cooperation with the Technische Universität Dresden, we offer students interested in studying at the university the opportunity to get answers to their questions about studying directly from the source. In their function as personal mentors, students of TU Dresden support pupils by providing a general orientation regarding university studies, advice about deciding on a particular subject to study, and individual insights about life at university.


Technische Universität Dresden
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01062 Dresden

Contact person

Coordinator Mentoring Program for Pupils

Grit Schuster M.A.

Phone +49 351 463-36804

Fax +49 351 463-36251



Colleague Schülermentoring-Programm

Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Schroeder

Phone +49 351 463-36897

Fax +49 351 463-36251


How can I participate in the mentoring program?

The pupil mentoring program is primarily aimed at students in grades 9 through 13 who want to discover more about their dream study program or who want to experience a bit of university life at TU Dresden up close and personal. The six-month program is free of charge and starts every semester in spring (May) and fall (November). You can register at any time using the registration form on the TU Dresden website. Please note that minors require a parent’s signature to participate. Within a week of receiving the application we will invite the participants to the next (online) kick-off event at TU Dresden. As part of the event, the pupils not only receive a detailed introduction to the program and information about their desired course of study, but they also get to know their fellow participants and the student mentors.

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How does student mentoring work?

To ensure the program is effective and remains uncomplicated for participants, we not only work with dedicated and trained mentors, but also attach great importance to tailoring the program for individual needs and desires. Together with their mentor, the participants can determine their goals, the time frame, and the focus of their mentoring program. In addition to a personal tour of the TU Dresden campus, this might also include visiting the faculty, attending actual lectures and seminars, participating in excursions, or touring the SLUB. It will also include discussions about topics relevant to their studies, such as entrance requirements, administrative procedures, and the organization of their specific studies. Upon request, the mentoring program can be shortened or extended based on each participant’s needs.

Where can I get more information about pupil mentoring?

The Pupil Mentoring Program is a cooperation between the Technical University of Dresden, the German Research Foundation (DFG), and TUDIAS GmbH. You can find more information and useful contact details here.

This is a cooperation with TU Dresden.
Further information can be found on the website of the TU Dresden Mentoring Program for Pupils.