Specialized courses at the TUDIAS Preparatory College of TU Dresden

The applicants will attend a specialization course that enables them to enroll in the university course of studies they are aiming for.

At the TUDIAS Preparatory College, the following specialization courses are offered in preparation for university studies:

  • T – to prepare for technical, mathematical, and natural science courses
  • M – to prepare for medical and biological courses
  • W – to prepare for business and social science courses
Dr. Andrea Strützel

Head of Preparatory College
Freiberger Str. 37, Room 137
+49 (0)351 / 40 470 - 201

Office Hours

MON, THU and FRI 8:00 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
TUE and WED upon request

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The following subjects are taught in the T course:

SubjectTeaching hours/weekMain Topics
German language10B2/C1 GER
Kinematics, dynamics, mechanical vibrations, gravity, electrostatics, direct current, magnetic fields, alternating current
Functions, differential calculus, integral calculus, matrix calculus, linear systems of equations, vector calculus, analytical geometry
Substances and reactions, stoichiometry, chemical energetics, atomic structure and periodic table of elements, chemical bonds, chemical equilibrium and chemical kinetics, acids and bases, electrochemistry and redox equilibria
Computer Science4EXCEL, VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python


The following subjects are taught in the M course:

SubjectTeaching hours/weekMain topics
German language10B2/C1 GER
Cytology and histology, substances and metabolism, anatomy and physiology, regulation, genetics
Statics and dynamics, kinematics, work / energy / energy conservation / power, electrics, direct current, magnetic fields, thermodynamics, optics, mechanical electromagnetic oscillations and waves
Functions, differential calculus, integral calculus
Substances and reactions, stoichiometry, atomic structure and periodic table of the elements, chemical bonds, acids and bases, organic chemistry
Computer science2EXCEL, R programming


The following subjects are taught in the W course:

SubjectTeaching hours/weekMain topics
German language10B2/C1 GER
Market and price, economic systems, cycles, gross national product, national income, money, currency, foreign trade
Business administration
The company as a productive social system, entrepreneurialism, corporate governance and management, the operational processes and accounting
England – the motherland of industrialization, industrialization in Germany, political developments in the 19th and 20th centuries, nations and nationalism, imperialism and the First World War, the Weimar Republic
Linear algebra, financial mathematics, analysis, applications of analysis in economics
Computer Science4
EXCEL, VBA, ACCESS, algorithms, database systems, data protection, introduction of business informatics

How long do the courses at the TUDIAS Preparatory College last?

The courses have a duration of 2 semesters and consist of 32 lessons per week.

Winter semester 2020/2021Summer semester 2021
1st Semester21.09.2020 – 05.02.202122.03.2021 – 06.08.2021
2nd Semester31.08.2020 – 05.02.202115.02.2021 – 02.07.2021
Admission test11.09.202011.03.2021