The TUDIAS Preparatory College at TU Dresden

The state-recognized TUDIAS Preparatory College is aimed at international applicants who do not yet have the necessary requirements for university studies in Germany. Here, the two most important requirements are sufficient knowledge of German and an equivalent school or university degree.

Some international applicants have graduated high school, but those certificates do not qualify them for a university course in Germany as their certificates are not recognized as being of a similar standard as a German high school diploma (Abitur). The applicants are intensively prepared for studying in Germany in a two-semester training course in our Preparatory College and can then qualify to study at a German university after passing an internal assessment test.


The preparation for the assessment test takes place in specialty courses in which, depending on the later study requirements, certain focuses are set with regard to the subjects taught:

  • T course: preparation for technical, mathematical, and natural science courses (except biology courses)
  • M course: preparation for medical, biological, agricultural, and forestry courses
  • W course: preparation for business and social science courses

Registration for the Preparatory College can be done using this registration form.

Dr. Andrea Strützel

Head of Preparatory College
Freiberger Str. 37, Room 137
+49 (0)351 / 40 470 - 201

Office Hours

MON, THU and FRI 8:00 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
TUE and WED upon request

You can register using the registration form.

Who requires a Preparatory College?

In general, if your school leaving certificate is not recognized as a university entrance in Germany, you have to complete a preparatory college. You can find out whether you still have to attend a Preparatory College in the DAAD’s admission database or on the Anabin website, which is run by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

Application to the TUDIAS Preparatory College at the TU Dresden

Registration for the Preparatory College can be done using this registration form.