The most important authorities at a glance

Mostly unpopular, but absolutely necessary for a study visit to Germany: We’re talking about the administrative procedures that are waiting for you in preparation for and during your studies in Germany. We have compiled the most important German authorities for you.

International Office (“Akademisches Auslandsamt”)

After arriving in Germany, in addition to registering with the residents’ registration office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”), a residence permit is issued by the immigration office (“Ausländerbehörde”). Foreign students can contact the International Office (“Akademisches Auslandsamt”) for support and information on the required documents.

What is the International Office responsible for?

The International Office (“Akademisches Auslandsamt”) is the central point of contact for all organizational questions relating to studying. In addition to advice on studies, internships, and research opportunities abroad, the International Office supports international students with applications, enrollment, housing and study planning, financing, and the language requirements for studying in Germany.

In addition, the International Office usually takes care of the admission and preparation for admission of foreign students who want to start studying in Germany. This includes checking the documents submitted, such as the university entrance qualification and proof of the required knowledge of German. If the relevant evidence cannot be presented, a university language test is required first. If you have any questions about admission to the TU Dresden or if you have organizational issues, you can contact the International Office of the TU Dresden directly here.

Resident Registration Office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”)

The resident registration office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”, or sometimes referred to as “Bürgerbüro”) is responsible, among other things, for registering and re-registering your place of residence as well as issuing passports and identity cards.

What do foreign students have to do at the Resident Registration Office?

Within two weeks of arriving in Germany, foreign students must notify the responsible Resident Registration Office of their place of residence in Germany. To register, you need a passport, possibly with a visa, a fully completed application form, and the confirmation from your landlord. You can find a template for the resident confirmation online at the relevant Resident Registration Office. A certificate of enrollment at the school may also be required under certain circumstances. After registration you will receive a registration certificate with which you can now apply for your residence permit.

You can make an appointment for the registration – usually also at short notice – online at the responsible Resident Registration Office of the city of Dresden.

Immigration Office (“Ausländerbehörde”)

The Immigration Office is primarily responsible for the implementation of immigration law in Germany. This includes the issuing of residence permits, deportation notices, as well as the creation of identification cards for foreigners.

When do foreign students have to present themselves to the Immigration Office?

Foreign students from EU countries do not need a visa or a residence permit to start studying in Germany. Applicants from non-EU countries, on the other hand, have to contact the responsible Immigration Office at your place of residence shortly after their arrival in Germany to register and issue a residence permit.

Students from non-EU countries who remain in Germany for more than three months as part of their studies require a valid residence permit in addition to a visa. The residence permit for study purposes is usually limited to a maximum of two years and must be extended annually. In the case of the annual renewal, proof of financing must also be provided, whereby the required amount of money must actually be available. Furthermore, the residence permit is tied to the degree specified therein, which is why changing the degree program or dropping out of studies can lead to a loss of the right of residence. After successfully completing your studies, you have the opportunity to find a suitable job in Germany for 18 months and to apply for a new residence permit for this period.

To apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office in Dresden, you need the fully completed application form, your passport, if necessary with a visa, a biometric photo, the current residency registration certificate, your rental agreement or other proof of accommodation, a current certificate of study, your health insurance, and proof of available funding. You can find all the necessary information about making an appointment at the Immigration Office in Dresden here.


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