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The city of Dresden

The city of Dresden is a centre of European art and culture; it is also a place which is interesting for people with different interests and ambitions. Dresden welcomes its visitors, no matter how old they are, where they are from or what they would like to do. Dresden offers something special for every guest?s taste.

For fans of art, Dresden with its many architectural gems is the place to be. Dresden has many facets, be it during the day when the sun shines or be it at night when all lanterns are lit. Even on a grey November day, Dresden is a charming place. Standing in Theatre Square, you can see architectural gems, such as the Italian Village, the famous Semper Opera, the Zwinger, the Old Town Guardhouse, the Castle and the Catholic Cathedral. On a rainy day, one can visit the famous museums in the Zwinger and other buildings nearby. In the Zwinger?s museums, the visitor can enjoy paintings of well-known artists, such as Tizian, Rembrandt, Rubens and Raffael. Fans of classical music will also enjoy concert performances in the evenings whereas fans of rock music rather go to see their favourites at the ?Alte Schlachthof? (Old Slaughterhouse) or at other venues.

A stroll along Brühl Terrace is strongly recommended, because from ?Europe?s balcony? ? a term coined by none lesser poet than J.W. von Goethe ? one has a magnificent view of Dresden ? the so-called ?Canaletto view?. Brühl Terrace is also the starting point for a romantic cruise on one the river Elbe on one of the paddle steamers which belong to the oldest paddle steamer fleet in the world.

Crossing Dresden?s oldest bridge, the Augustus bridge, you will find yourself on the other side of the river, in Dresden?s New Town. Here, one can see the Golden Horseman or go for a stroll along the Hauptstrasse. Parallel to the Hauptstraße, there is the Königsstrasse with many reconstructed and redecorated houses. In Königsstrasse one can spend one?s time most delightfully enjoying a glass of Meissen wine or simply a pint of German beer. Königsstrasse leads directly to one of Dresden?s busiest junctions ? the Albert Square.

If you are tired of walking across the city, you can get on a tram and see Dresden from behind a window or jump on one of the red double-decker buses for a sightseeing tour.

Dresden does not only attract fans of baroque architecture, but also of modern architecture. The city has many places to offer, such as the Synagogue, the Transparent Factory, the St Benno Grammar School, the World-Trade Centre and many more. Some of these buildings have been awarded international architecture and design prizes. Those who are more interested in technical matters are recommended to visit the interesting exhibitions at the University of Technology, the Technical Museum, the Transport Museum and the Tram Museum. On the other hand, Dresden has also a vibrant night life which offers many things to people of different age groups. People who are interested in sports, both passively and actively, can either visit a football, ice-hockey or volleyball match or work out themselves.

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